Uncorked 14 / 48 gearing

since I ride my XR650L more off road than on, I have decied to go with the 14 / 48 gearing, should be fun! :ride:

you won't regret it. Way more managable in the woods and it'll still do 130KPH. Plus wheelies in third gear!!!

It will be a lot easier on technical trails with the lower gearing. If you ever want to change your gearing, just get some other front sprockets. They are available in 13, 14 , and 15 tooth versions. Riding nasty rocky slow going areas, put on the 13. Want to ride the road, or other high speed riding for a bit, put on the 15.

I run a 15 for high speed desert riding, and a 14 for everything else.

ya know it is ironic that Honda back in 72 on the XL250 ran a 520 chain and 14 / 48 gearing. The XL350 ran a 530 chain and 15 / 45. I installed a 14 /48 and 520 chain on my 1975 XL-350 playbike and talk about PULL! made it much better off road, albeit heavier than a 55 Pontiac...

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