no compression release lever?

I just bought 93 xr600, it is a beast. The previous owner installed hot cam, pro circuit exhaust, and re-jetted. The bike starts well when cold, usually first kick. Sometimes stalls at idle when warm, or I stall it, or I just shut it off. Damn hard to start after that. The bike does not have a compression release lever. Hard to kick when at tdc. Anyone have any ideas why comp release was removed? Related to hot cam? I love the bike it really rips, but spending up to a half hour re-starting after warm sucks. Could this be a jetting problem? Or too rich/lean? I'm guessing that having the release lever would take the sting out of all the kicking? thanks

Been there, done that. Try using the kickstarter to slowly push the piston about halfway through its' compression stroke while holding the kill button down to prevent kickback. Release the kill switch, raise the kickstarter to the top and give it a healthy boot. This method usually works because you are only using about half the compression stroke.

hey thundrhog. i'am in deerfield. are you close?

had an XR500R that didn't have the compression release lever. Just meant you had to kick with a little more... authority...

Timothypg, I'm in Washburn up by lake Superior. I'm not sure where Deer -field is, but I'm guessing yer south?

Went out for a trail ride today at the Valhalla trail, it is a dual use trail in the national forest, lots of sandy spots. Stalled the thunderhog three times: fell on r side attempting steep sandy hill, stalled again on 2nd shot at hill, then dumped it drivin back down hill- deep sand- tricky. Nothing too high speed and I got the hog started pretty well except for after dumping it on r side. I used the wide open throttle trick while kicking through. Then kick it "with authority" with no throttle at all.

My '98 L didnt have one....wait, that was E start wasn't it...hehe.

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