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Currently trying to get plates for 93 xr600. Have acerbis hi/low , brake light, speedo. Need horn and mirrors. Anyone have any recomendations on how to rig a horn to the electrical system? Also are there ways to quiet down my pro circuit exhaust w/o hampering performance? A state patrol guy has to do inspect, and I think the loud exhaust note might send the wrong message. thank you

don't really have an answer for you, but I would like to hear from you when you actually get a title and plate for that bike in WI. I have been doing some checking around and based on the information I was able to turn out, I am now buying a bike from out of state that has been plated and titled there.

According to my local Honda dealer who used to own a dual-sported CR500, it has become near impossible to do the conversions in Wisconsin.


Morning Guy's!

Another Wisconsinite here! I have a street legal 2002 xr650r up here in Green Bay. If you are heading out let me know!

Out of state is the easiest. My dad lives in Montana and I mailed him the title and he sent me a plate with a new title without any "off-road use only" on it. He didn't need to get it inspected or anything because the bike was here the whole time. I had a plate before it was street legal.

I'm still not sure if I go into DMV and try to switch it to Wisconsin if I would have a issue. Anyone know about this?

I got the Baja Design and came with the horn. For the mirror I got one from a bicycle shop that I just threw on quick so I could go for a ride and decided to keep it for the time being anyway. It goes in the bar ends and stick out so I can see pretty well, but with allen wrench and 10 seconds comes off for off-road use. If you break it you are only out $14. Any bicycle shop will have it.

Here's a website to see what I am talking about!


Have a great day!

Elmer out

Hey guys, well I just got the bad news. The state patrol copper that does vehicle inspections called and said that he was pretty sure that I am SOL as far as plating my xr600. I know I'm not the only one but it really sucks! The trooper was a nice guy and actually said that he had tried and failed to plate a dirt bike too. He is still going to look into the laws and call me back just in case. He said it's such an irony that you can get a "self constructed" title in wis for a home made bike but not for a dirt bike. Another thing about wis is that atv's have the run of the land. It is legal for a 16 year old kid to ride a quad down my street, yet there is virtually nowhere to ride a dirt bike. :thumbsup: I'm prob going to sell the xr and get some candy-assed dual sport. I live up in northern wis, the bike is a 93' xr600. It is mint for it's age and has all the uncorked mods as well as a hot cam. It is a REAL dirt bike! I know if I keep it, it is only a matter of time before I get a ticket. If anyone is interested drop me an e-mail.

i bought my xr6r down in az. had a title from there. took the paper to dmv and had it switched to wi. and got a plate no prob. but just so you don't stir things up i would take the riding test on another bike.

timpg, I do have a title from MI. It doesn't say offroad only, but the previous owner did not have the bike plated. So you just turned in title and the dmv never asked if it was an "off road only" motorcycle? No inspection? Was your bike plated or just titled in AZ? Do you think I can plate my xr like you did yours? I really don't want to sell mine. :thumbsup:

hi hog. mine was plated in az. the only thing on the title that is close to it being a dirt bike is, under body style it say's DIRT. odometer status is marked EXEMPT. i did not have to have it inspected. they did not ask and i did not volunteer. i just took the title in, payed my money, did not ask any questions, got the plate and that was it.

i just took the title in, payed my money, did not ask any questions, got the plate and that was it.

That's good too hear - I am bringing home a plated XR650R from Minnesota tomorrow and plan to do exactly the same thing you have done.

Let's see what happens next week when I bring the title to the DMV in Madison...

or you could just have someone in one of the easy states (colo is way easy) fill out the nessary paper work get title and tags then sell the bike back to you licenced in colo you dont even have to have the bike visually inspected execpt for the vin inspection

so here's my story.

Did my homework online, talked to the Honda dealer, and basically realized that the easiest way to get the XR650R plated in WI is to get one that already has a title in another state.

Bought the bike Sunday in Minnesota, trailered it back, went to the DMV with my Minnesota title today, 5 minutes at the counter, walked out with WI title, registration, plate, stickers, paid for a year. Now I will call Geico, tomorrow I am cruising on the highway


Silly cheeseheads... :thumbsup:

Silly cheeseheads... :ride:

well, at least they make good beer around here


pburke and timpg, how did you guys pull that off? I went to dmv, kept my mouth VERY shut and was still denied. I have title from mi. and it does not say off road only. The show stopper is a little box on the back of the application for title and license. This box must be checked or "the entire application will be returned" It means that the motorcycle has a sticker called a "federal certification label" that verifies that the motorcycle has been manufactured for street use. Did you guys just check the box anyways? What gives? :thumbsup::ride: Thanks for all the feedback.

hi. i don't remeber that but i'am sure i must have checked it. my bike was certainly not made for the road, say's so right on the frame. check it and try again.

The show stopper is a little box on the back of the application for title and license. This box must be checked or "the entire application will be returned" It means that the motorcycle has a sticker called a "federal certification label" that verifies that the motorcycle has been manufactured for street use. Did you guys just check the box anyways? What gives? :thumbsup::ride: Thanks for all the feedback.

hmm - I don't know anything about a checkbox on the back of anything

really, where? in the Title transfer form? I only filled in stuff on the front. Backside looked like instructions to me, where I figured out the thing is a "CYC" and that it would be $23 for the plate for 2 years. The dude at the counter punched in the VIN and it came up as Honda 650 just like on the original out of state title, which was enough for him. The bike has a street title, so there's no reason for me to answer any questions about what the bike was manufactured for. All I did is apply for a "Title Transfer" and that's what I got. The only questions I was asked was about the selling price, about the odometer reading (which was checked as inaccurate) and if I have operated the bike already. The whole thing took about as long as it takes to type in the data and hit the print button.

Maybe it's because in Madison we have usually 150 people waiting in line (take a number and come back in an hour) and there's 10 counters cranking out licenses, titles, etc. Did you do this as a walk-in or by mail?



I'm also in Madison (Waunakee), and you have done what I've always thought about doing. Where'd you find the bike and do you have a picture? Congrats, well done!!!!

the bike found me :thumbsup: - somebody on ADVrider saw my posts lamenting about how impossible it is to register the XRR in WI unless it was already plated in another state, and PM'd me that he had one for sale in Minnesota. It's an '01, fully dual-sported with 2x100watt Ricky Stator, FMF pipe, Edelbrock pumper, 4gal Clarke tank, XRs Only billet rack, stailess steel oil filter, LED tail light, and some other goodies. It needs a new speedo (Vapor in the mail) and knobbie tires and some brake pads to be fully ready to go. I felt pretty good about buying this bike - the man had 5 motorcycles in his garage and since he got a new Buell he wasn't using the XRR for the street any longer.

Ultimately, I want to sell he Clarke tank and put on the Acerbis 6 gal, install Fluidyne radiators, put on the 280mm front disc, add a steering stabilizer and higher bars, install decent handle guards, better foot pegs, open up the side panel over the air filter and, provided funds are adequate, get a second set of wheels to be able to swap street for dirt rubber.

Picture - not much to see here yet but that's what it looked like last Sunday somewhere on I94


A UHaul bike trailer from MN to Madison was $44 one way.

There was another one for sale in Indiana, and then recently in Michigan. This was the best deal I think, since the parts and upgrades I got with it are all things I would have needed anyway. Plus I got a box full of original parts, shop manual etc.

There is usually at least one plated XRR on ebay each week. I've seen about 10 of them there since I started looking, but this one was the closest to home and the best deal, plus I was able to go and look at it before committing to buy.


Hey Timpg, Pburke and everyone else. I just got back from dmv with plate and new title in hand. YAHOO! :thumbsup::ride: I took your advice and tried again, this time at a dmv that issues plates and titles. The dmv in my town doesn't do registration and I think if you have to send in the mail they will prob check to see if the fed cert label box has been checked. The thunderhog rides again! It's like both you guys said, you've got to have the bike titled in another state then it should transfer to WIS. :applause:

sweet - we should all meet once, somewhere at your local DMV location to show off our shiny license plates to the guys who didn't want to give you the plate the first time around :ride:

I spent the better part of the weekend working on the pig - still need some parts to get the Trailtech vapor speedo temp sensor fully installed. New battery needed, too - that little Baja Designs deal doesn't hold a charge for long, probably worn out. Changed tires myself for the first time - a "learning experience," to say the least :thumbsup: but after 5 patches on the tubes I got more careful with those irons. Sure got enough practice taking tires on and off...

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