WIS street legal

A "friend of mine" has "his" 2000 XR600R registered as a 49cc moped. Dont ask "him" how he did it, as the previous owner did it. I (ooops-HE) bought it early this summer, ready to street. Numbers all match....not that I would do something shady like THAT!!!!!:thumbsup:

glad to here you got the plate hog. i just ordered a new headpipe today, old one busted. i live out in deerfield and motor around madison when i have the time. if you see me chase me down, hard to miss. blaze orange helmet. that would be a site with 3 bad ass bikes ripping around. tim

that would be a site with 3 bad ass bikes ripping around.

here's a 210 mile gravel trip in Southwestern WI/Iowa I'm probably going on later this month - gonna be a whole bunch of "badass bikes" on that one:


plus, it's a great ride from Madison to that area and back. :thumbsup:

let's just hope there's less mud there than last weekend (pictures on p 14 of the thread), because I only have some 50.50 tires on the bike right now


Cool you guys! I've been like this -->>:thumbsup: for awhile on this topic.

I was going to go the route you did, but didn't want to end up $hit outa luck.

Now, I'm going back after it- I'm streetin my XR600 if it's the last thing I do, lol.


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