2000 wr seat and tank for sale

Did ya make the switch to the YZ tank/seat. Just curious what set-up you went with?

The seat cover is in good condition the tank has quite a few scratches. so ill let both of em go for like 75 bucks or sumthin real cheap. anyone want to buy?

Well i was riding like desert and sand dunes for a while so i had to get a bigger tank on my yz but now i'm going back to the stock yz setup.

but i prefer the yz setup its slimmer and more comfortable

hey just so happened a buddy of mine was riding this past weekend and he noticed his tank leaking atr the seams...you still have the combo and how would he go about buying it..we live in east texas...

Yes i still have it. Umm there are a couple of ways to do it. THere is over the internet paypal and escrow. or theres check or money order. lmk. thanks

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