2000 yz426

Hi all i amabout to buy a used yz426 from a local guy, he never rode it he spent most of his time on his 2002 crf250.. i've heard about bikes having valve problems, those of you that own 2000's have you had and problems or heard of valve problems?

btw this bike is so clean when i get it and post pictures i think all of you wil be surprised about the year

The '00 426 was not noted for valve problems, but keep in mind that this bike is nearly 7 years old now...

The 2000 my friend never had any problems he just kept his bike serviced.

I would say if it is in nice shape you will be happy.

I have had my oo 426 since new. Raced it in a few mx and harescrambles races, trail ridden alot over the years. This bike will go down in history as the best bike i ever owned. (although I am impressed so far wiyh my 06 250F) Other than routine maint. one valve adjustment, clutch plates replaced once, thats it. OH, replaced a bunch of rear tires. :ride:

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