2004 WR450 to YZ450

I am thinking of buying some YZ plastic and converting my WR for track purposes. Has anyone put a YZ tank on a WR? will the seat fit? will i need new radiator shrouds? thanks

First thing is I would suggest you decide exactly what type of bike you want!

THen go THAT direction....

You will need a yz seat as well which will need to have some material cut out in the base beside the electrical relays.

The rear muguard requires some cutting on the left side to match the WR rear subframe.

WR radiator shrouds don't fit the YZ tank therefore you will need a set of those as well.

Buy some plastics or buy a new bike? I would go with the plastics. The WR makes a great track bike as well.


DonaldWRF, thanks for the info. I have been riding it on the track and enjoying it!


GREAT IDEA. i would like a YZ for the track runs where i dont need a headlight, taillight, starter and large tank. i also need WR for riding in the forest and desert where i would like all that. i am guessing you can buy me the extra bike...

i ended up taking over 20lbs from my 04 wr by yz'ing it after removing the battery you can use the same yr yz airbox and filter assmbly allowing much more flow for a great top end increase,and its also over a lb lighter. when you remove the starter you can replace it with a automotive expandable freeze plug (1 1/8" i think?) after that you can also remove the starter drive gears and clutch from behind the flywheel,which really makes it snap to attn.,just the wiring for the starter and battery weighed a lb! when you rewire ground the system to the frame at the rectifier and turn the fuse into a inline on the + to protect from burning down. my friend bought this bike from me and its been running 2 yrs now like this...so i'd say it works just fine :ride:

ncmountainman, how much weight did you save?

If you were going to go the other direction,couldn't you take a yz and put the wr tranny in it?

the starter/batt and associated parts were 13 lbs,airbox 1 lb, yz rear fender is over a lb less,alum bars,lighter sprocket,lighter seat,lighter exhaust,headlight assmbly etc etc.,it was over 20 lbs of crap that came off. before the bike weighed 263 wet w/out gas after i was done it was 244 but i also added 7 lbs of extras,so in reality it was down around 237lbs. this was all weighed on a calibrated double beam scale :ride: oh and at the time i had a wr not a yz so i already had a wr trannie i just turned it into a yz,it still was lacking and my 05 yz filled that gap :ride:

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