any trick to startin the 426??

was told to get on compression stroke but any one have any tricks??? :ride:

pull the decomp. lever..and push the kick starter all the way down to the foot peg, let go of the lever and let it all the way back up and ratchet it untill u can feel tons of compression. pull the lever in and move the kickstarter down about 1inch,...mabe 2..ull feel it just past the compression stroke, let go of the lever, ratchet it back up, and give it a nice solid kick all the way to the bottom...that should do it, works for mine

I also noticed my 400 started better with a bigger pilot jet. 48 instead of 45. You might look at this if you know the drill for yours.

ha with mine all i do is kick it 2 times and it starts. if it dont start i like wate for 10 secs then kick and it starts and i only do usualy half a kick

well took it for a rip today thx for the help it helped alot...way easyer :ride: haha thing roasts tho :ride:

also i have another question...when it is reallly riding for 3 hours and i stoped it its really hard to start back it owuldnt start from kicking with thot start...i had to push start it down a hill and hit first on the road...any solutions?

Are you using your hotstart? If not pull out the red nob and then try kicking it.

yea i did...i only tired couple times i was tired after like 7 hours of i just pakced it up

but when it stalled i was wheelien up the hill and at top i let off to fast and it stalled n i smelt gas i thought it wasnt in pet cock but i dono wouldnt fire so i just packed up

Dude! all that poncin about with starting routines just aint worth it,just go and buy a 450 auto decomp cam ,spend just two hours in the work shop fitting it,then go out the next day only to discover you have a new bike which starts like a 125 and doesnt stall in slow corners any more.

Just use the red knob when hot,thats why its there.

Best Regards David

well how much would the auto decmop cam be...jsut get it from local yami dealeR?

They are about $110 USD and available nearly fact, right here in the ThumperTalk store!

I am thinking Foxz and getdrunk might be the same person...

I am thinking Foxz and getdrunk might be the same person...

Dude....that is exactly..what i thought.......this is a holy shit moment.

Dude....that is exactly..what i thought.......this is a holy shit moment.

+1 :ride::banana::ride::ride:

I agree on the bigger pilot jet. If your carb isn't jetted right to begin with that's where you need to start. There's good info here in the tech articles if you don't know the basics. Getting a thumb adjustable fuel screw is also helpful. Start with a properly tuned card THEN get the auto decomp exhaust cam :ride:

Had the same problem with mine at first very frustrating but youll get it, Rule of thumb NO THROTTLE also 90% of the time even on first start of the day the hot start will work better than the choke, every time you stahll it or dump it use the hot start dont bother kicking with out it. As in for starting roll the kick starter till its tight pull the de comp- lever move the kick starter an inch or so, let go of the de-comp lever and give her a good kick... my wifes just started ridding and she can start mine now...just got to get the feel for it... dont give up youll love the bike... :thumbsup:

yea igot it figured out now and love the bike...thx guys :thumbsup:

I have noticed a similar happening with my 2002 426. It normally starts on first or second kick. When it doesnt start on the second kick, I pull the hot start button and it almost always kicks over very easily. HOWEVER, after riding for an extended time in very slow and technical courses, the bike is very hot. Sometimes it will not start right away with the hot start. My advice is to take 1 or 2 minutes pull off the googles to cool down and drink from the camel back. Once you are ready to go, the bike will be too. After a 1 minute break I have never had a problem starting the bike, and the hot start is generally not needed anymore either.

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