No Toil Sealing Grease

Like most of you here who use No Toil air filter oil, I am mad that they changed the sealing grease. The new grease is thin, watery, does not stay where you put it, and does not seal well.

On my last filter service, I found most of the grease running down the back of my filter. Some of it had gotten sucked in and was spattered inside my airbox. And, some dust made it in through the edges.

I love No Toil oil and cleaner, but the new grease just plain sucks.

Anyone who agrees with me, I urge you to write No Toil a quick email. If you have already written an email, write another one. The more we can bug them about the grease, the sooner they may get around to changing it. It would be great if they came in Moday morning and saw 50-100 complaint emails.

Again, complain to

call them up and complain. I purchased a bad bottle of filter oil and when I called they did not even give me a chance to finish my complaint before asking me what address to ship a new bottle to. very good customer service. they may not be able to replace your filter grease with the same kind you use to use, but perhaps they will offer a bottle of their filter oil in its place.

Let us know what they say...

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