You still lurking here?

Thanks. Thought I seen him on another forum last night and I'm not registered.

I haven't seen him around in ages, seems like a lot of the guys who used to be regulars have disappeared from this site...

hey jekel where you live at in missouri...

I was supposed to meet up w/ him while I was in school in Atlanta 2 years ago. He had an extra bike for me!

I was in school from 10:30pm - 7am, Sunday - Thursday.

I spent pretty much all my time exhausted from those f-ed up hours...

that or drunk...!!!

HR493- I'm located in Chadwick.

Kevin- Those hours would suck...

Cowboy426- I agree on the old members. I have lurked alot at times and not recognized many names, not that I did major posting. Haven't ridden much in the dirt the last 2 years, do to injuring my foot trying to outdo my daughter:-) Did you know trees don't move when you slide into them wrapped out in fourth??? This one didn't even blink:-)

I know. When ever I search I find rrreeaallly good posts of people that are not hear any more. It would be soo much more fun if people that were here when TT first started because it is getting kinda boring now.

There are definitely a lot more "newbies" around lately. It's actually kind of weird without so many of the "old faces" around here anymore. Ah, I remember the days when old 'Rapture and Pavelkodfish would go at it. Then there were the rantings of Ego which lead to the birth of an off topic forum. There was Yamakaze with his bandana, Kritter- all 300+ pounds of him, and good old Dr. Davbrucas. Those were the days.

Yes. I remember being a newbie and reading the posts and spitting pop all over the comp when ego and others went at it. I also remember when the 450 was new (or the 426 for that matter). Those were the days...

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