Need some Fork Guards for my WR426, same as YZ426?

I can't find any aftermarket (read: cheaper than Yamaha) fork guards for my '01 WR426. Are the YZ426 guards the same? Do any aftermarket companies make fork guards that will work? My used bike came without any fork guards mounted and it looks goofy as well as not protecting the forks.

What is the difference between parts 45 and 46? Both look like they are fork guards but different styles. Are both needed? Basically, I think I just need parts 46 (fork guard), 42 (fork guard guide), and the bolts to attach them, is this correct? Thanks!,1816,1835&i=31884,2

On the WR's, the R/H guard has a little saddle and clamp to hold the odometer cable. If you don't have the odo, the YZ parts work fine. In theillustration, it looks like one guard is the r/h and one is the left hand. Yes, you need the guards and guides.

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