Anyone know of trail maps for Georgetown on-line or phone number for Ranger Station with maps?

What's the best way to get there from Sacramento? Last time I went was long route off of HWY49.

Want to go riding there this weekend.

Go to click on riding areas,then click on central ca, then #8 Rock Creek that will give you all the info for directions and ranger office. Went riding there sunday, alittle slippery in places :D The trails from the Bald Mountain Staging Area are a bit better then Mace Mill Area in my opinion. Gonna check my calander but thinking of the 1st weekend in December at Georgetown or Elkins Flat for riding. Will post a date later this week.

Ride Safe & Ride Often :)

Hay 34 how goes it

georgetown ridding is geart but do your staging at bald mountain or camp chiqueta pay the woman 2.00 and park in the back the reson for this is if ranger bill see you he will want to do a sound test if you happen to run across him and your not parked at rock creek or mace mill you just go on about your ride.Also all the good trails are up in the bald mountain area, they don't have good maps for the area and you won't find the good trails without someone that knows the area (very poor trail markings)A ride in DECEMBER SOUND GOOD, there could be snow but you never know.Why don't you come up to stonyford for the thanksgiving ride i'll show some good trails and this area is way better then georgetown or foresthills, let me know.



Were you at Stony on last Sat?

I was on 3 or 4 when I came upon two wr guys.

I thought of you.

The second guy had a twisted subframe.

Was it you?

Hay SFO the only thing twisted on me is my body HA-HA no that wasn't me I was at home getting ready for T/D.If you are planing to camp at digger pine (lil stony) it will have a lot of people there you should come over to davis flats with us more room and all the trails start out of there.Let me know and i;ll give info. on how to get there and were we will be.


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