How often do you replace spokes? and a few other topics

I just finished with some wheel maintanence on my piggy and three of the rear spokes are completely bottomed out and won't take torque :ride:

So its time to replace the OEMs. Its only been 16 months thereabouts since it was new.

pretty sure I'll be getting Excel spokes and Excel rim to run with the OEM hubs for now. Any suggestions on Rim sizes? Is the FASST Spoke Torque wrench worth it?

Have a good look at your hub where the spokes go through and make sure there is no cracks these bike have more power than the stock hubs can handle

Not sure why your spokes would be bottomed out! You have a problem that is deeper and you need to understand why this has happened.

Excel rims are the way to go and their spokes are good too BUT...I would recommend using a stock type of nipple instead of the Excel Spine Drive nipples. The reason I say this is if you are on the trail and need to tighten spokes, most people will have a standard style spoke wrench in case you didn't pack one. Not many people carry the spline drive wrench. I use spline drives on my Motocross bke and regular on my PIG and my YZ that I use in the desert.

I was going to order the FASST spoke wrench awhile back, but ran across some 'product review' somewhere of it ... don't remember the reasons, but after reading it, I decided to pass it by ... :ride:

I just replaced my rims & hubs not too long ago, but never had the issue you're talking about. I went with black Excels, and silver Talons...and the spline drive nipples.

I never thought about needing a wrench out in the middle of no-were, I'll get another one to throw in the Camel-back.

Thanks...great idea!

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