Knee pads saved me

Today I crashed pretty hard (again). The people that know me are saying "So what's new". Went down on my right side, smashed my head into the ground and slid for what seemed an eternity. When I finally got up, my face was bleeding, my pants were ripped up on the right knee, but the only pain I had was my face. When I got home and stripped down, I discovered my right $12.00 Thor knee pad was cracked in half and scratched all to hell. Looking at my pants and the pad, had I not had the pad, I would be in serious trouble (with my wife). Knee pads are a good thing.

Were you at a track or out in BFE???

Hey!, I've been there. That place rocks. 'specially that 70' double.


Knee pads would've saved me a years worth of misery from a torn ACL, MCL and meniscus damage! I'll never ride without them again! Worst part is my friend/riding partner constantly telling me to buy a set up until he watched my knee fold backwards against my Renthals as I'm headed over the bars :D ! Needless to say, I took his advice AFTER I recovered. The $20-50 you spend on them is far better than the deductible on your health insurance, believe me.I really hate learning things the hard way :)

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BFE of course! I always seem to be there. Hind sight being 20-20, the next time I see the ground coming up fast, I won't be so quick to catch it with my face. Ouch.


It builds Character! and makes for a great story on those cold winter nights.....

Get well Soon!

Bonzai :)

How do you guys keep blood circulating through your arms when wearing the elbow pads. After about 2 laps at the track I get serious arm pump. I tried running without them and found the arm pump went away.

I'm new and crash often enough to really need the pads, so any suggestions would be great.

Oh yeah, that are pretty loose too.



I'm using the FOX elbo pads. They are not very comfortable, but once I start to ride I don't even notice there on. Use them !!!!!!



I get the same thing. I used to wear elbowpads all the time when I had my KX 250. As soon as I got the 520, I got SEVERE arm pump. I no longer wear them. I had the Fox ones that slip on (Comp's?). They always just slid up on me when I went down anyway.

Fox Pivot Knee pads.....EXCELLENT. I had knee surgury after a spin on ice snapped my knee, and my cheap Fox pads rubbed the incision line to the point of being painful. I even wore over the knee socks. The Pivots, although they feel odd at first, you never know you have them on when you get riding, it's incredible. Just watch the screws where they bolt together...I had one pair already fall apart after 1 ride....there was no loctite in the screw.....I got them replaced...and there is red loctite inside the screw threads (musta caught a bum pair!)

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