DIY stator rewind on XRR?


Interesting choice of winding, 6 poles/4 poles of 16 awg. I'll be interested to find out how it works. To few turns in a coil means not enough induced voltage. I really question whether the 4 poles (38 turns X 4 = less than 160 turns) will generate enough voltage to be of use. Keep me updated on your dual winding's performance, hopefully I'll learn something new...


That is the way a stock coil is wound. The lighting is wound over the four poles. The other six poles are left empty. I wanted more wattage for the dc side. I will be happy if the headlight is bright enough at idle and able to handle on of the Piaa or Sylvania bright light bulbs. How are the dual output stators wound? Are they five poles a piece or are they wound as one single with the two sets of wires off of the two wires from the coil? Thanks, Tony


Yes, the stock stator is wound over 4 poles, BUT, it's wound with 22 awg wire rather than 18 or 16. You can put ALOT more turns of 22 awg over 4 poles than you can with 16 awg. To be precise, the stocker is ~75 turns per pole over 4 poles, IE. 300 turns total. The 300+ turns in a coil is the magic number. This determines induced voltage.


So how are the dual output stators wound? I am about ready to pull my cover off and see how my Ricky Stator is wound. Please help so that I don't have to do that. Tony

I don't know for sure, I've never had a Baja Designs or Ricky Stator. However, I'm pretty sure they use 18 or 20 awg crammed into 5 poles a piece, IE. two coils. Who knows how many turns per pole they do, but they have to be in the ballpark ~300 turns over 5 poles (60 turns per pole). I don't think you can fit that many turns of 18 awg, so more than likely they use 20 awg. Somebody with one of these stators can say for sure.

The Baja Designs rewind requires that you grind out the inside of your stator cover because each pole is so crammed with wire that it won't fit otherwise. The Ricky stator doesn't require this, but also notice that Ricky claims 100W X 2 whereas Baja Designs claims 125W X 2.

They both have the option of being used independantly, or being wired in parallel. Parallel wiring gives you a single high output coil, but wiring in parallel also halves the resistance. In other words if you wound your stator like Ricky/Baja Designs, but in a single continous coil, you would have the same induced voltage capability, but TWICE the resistance (not good) as if you wired two coils in parallel.

I have a high output stator on my 600. It was on the bike when I got it, but since the rest of the dual sport kit is Baja Designs, I'm pretty sure the coil is as well. It is wound as 2 separate 5 pole coils. I'm running a 90/110 watt bulb and it runs the 110 to full brightness. It does have some dimming at idle. The brightness goes down at idle, but it is not too bad. It is still brighter than a 55W at idle. The wire is really crammed on the stator. The 600 must have a little more room, because the case and/or cover are not modified. The wire is bigger than 20. I didn't measure it, but I think mine is wound with 16 gage.

If you do a single winding with as many turns as the DB or Ricky dual windings, you will have a less current capacity because of the extra resistance. The voltage would be double. The AC regulator would knock that down to 12. With this kind of setup you will get 12 volts at idle. That will give full brightness on the headlight. The drawback is less max output.

Thouk, if that winding that you are trying doesn't give the voltage you need for the headlight on the 4 poles, try it the other way. 6 poles of 16 gage for the headlight and 4 poles of 18 gage for the DC.


Probly gonna be dissapointed, subscribing to a thread that's last informational post was three and a half years ago...

That, and it's unnecessary posting to any thread just to get email updates.


It's a good read but. Glad someone resurrected it from the dead..Kinda apt at Easter if you're that way inclined.

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