uni air filter maint. question

I was told that these need to be cleaned and oiled regularly. Someone told me to soak it in a bowl of gasoline to clean it, let it dry then spray on oil and blot really dry with an old towel. Does this sound correct? sounds like it would degrade the foam pretty quick?

Thanks, Nate

You are correct. You'd end up ruining the foam.

In the "old" days, we used to use kerosene or #2 diesel to clean foam filters & then oil 'em up with motor oil. Today, there are many foam-specific cleaning & oiling systems.

Personally, I've had good luck with No Toil products. I like the fact their cleaners & oils are water-based which make for a relatively easy clean up & disposal process just using warm water in the sink.

I suggest either the No Toil products (easier cleanup) or use the Uni specific oil. I've been using the Uni oil and cleaner for the last 10 months or so now.

I use hot soapy water to clean mine, then give it a full coating (but not overkill) of k&n spray oil, let it dry a bit..install and ride.

I wash my Uni Filters out in warm water with Dawn dish soap, let it dry (no compressed air) and spray on filter oil squeeze out / blot excess. Works great!

Just be sure not to over oil the filter. If I put too much oil on my XR600 air filter, it's like the choke is on! I'm now using the PJ1 spray can air filter oil. It's much easier to get the right amount in the filter with a spray can.

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