That kicks major ass! I've been to Morocco, but only in the coastal areas.


Sweet. I just saw a film called "The Hills Have Eyes" that was supposed to the set in the southwest US desert, but it was actually shot in Morocco. Morocco looks like it has some great desert riding, and very barren. I'm gonna start saving right now.

That looks like an incredible tour.

If my math is correct the 10 day ride comes out to nearly $3000 US dollars. That’s a heckuva deal considering a cursory search on the internet for package deals came to around $800-$1000 for a 3 day ride here in the states. Of course it'll cost a fair deal to get yourself to Morocco in the first place but's Morocco! Sweet ride with the mountains and desert combo.....

How come guys from Sweeden get to have all the fun? Oh yea, they're from Sweden.


Yes 10 days are right, I almost lost a day on the big sand dunes. I had to high speed and could not stop at the top. I landed on the other side on my head. Thats wat I have been told. I don`t remember it myself.

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