chain question 650r

My stock chain which is just over a year old started whipping from side to side last week when cruising down the hwy at about 100k after about 30 minutes of that it destroyed the top chain slide, my mud flap, rubbed the frame top and bottom and ate the sides off all the rear sprocket teeth. wish i noticed it sooner! anyhow i replaced my slide, bought a new 15t front and 48t steel rear sprocket with an x-ring chain from D.I.D. that should have solved my problem, but when cruising i still see a little side to side play. nothing like a had with the wore chain but its there. is this play common? before this i have never watch my chain while riding.

Thanx Clint

P.S. my alignments are perfect and i flipped my lower chain slide to the fresh side, i also checked that my counter shaft isn't bent

Get the rear wheel off the ground sitting level and roll the rear wheel, check that the chain tracks in the center of the sprockets if it goes to one side all the time adjust the alignment of the rear wheel, if it's centered it should track in the center or one side or the other more at random not allways to the left or right, mine was off a little going by the adj. marks but not too bad, make sure the tension is ok, two people sitting on it will compress the suspension enough to see that it's not too tight when there's weight on it going over bumps. Then I make a note of settings if you have to compensate and set it that way from then on.

Even new chains have some side to side give. You should see my mudflap guarding the rear shock. DO NOT try to compensate and overtighten your chain.

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