Head Pipe

I have a 99’ WR400 with a stock exhaust system. I would like to change the head pipe to a later model, so the oil filter can be removed without removing the head pipe. Does anybody have a late model head pipe or complete stock exhaust system that will fit the stock 99’ for sale? I’m not sure if the 01’ head pipe would mate up with the 99’ exhaust pipe and muffler.? But if it will that is what I'm looking for.

I'm also looking for a new head pipe to replace the stocker preferably one that I can keep my stock exhaust with. It's a pain to have to losen the header to remove the oil filter. Un-needed wear on the header bolts/threads. I was looking at an '02 YZ 426 and it looked like the header cleared the bolts. Will that header fit a '00 WR 400? My appologies for adding on to your original post but I'm also interested in the replies you receive. :)

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I do believe FMF's Power Bomb header should be a one for one swap with the stock OEM header. It does allow full access to the oil filter.

Dirt Rider recommended the PB w/ EVERY exhaust system they evaluated in a YZF exhaust shootout.


You will likely have to replace the graphite gasket/sleeve that wraps around the header where the header and silencer mate.


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