650L - Which Handlebars to buy?

What handlebars do you recommend/like? I'm looking at the Pro Taper Contour Bars (magazine). Don't know what height/rise to get?


Bend is personal preference, but I like the CR hi-bend. I am 6 feet tall and it helped the bars in your lap feeling that you get with stock.

I am 6ft 205, and installed the CR high bend pro-tapers with the risers, and would rate as one of the best mods you can do PERIOD!

have pic in my garage.

It depends on how tall you are. I'm am 6'-2" and found a mini high bend, 909 bars, that was high without a lot of sweep like the ATV bends, they are only 30.5" wide, a bonus if you like tight trails.

I also have the CR high bend. Great improvement in over all handling and feel of the bike. :ride:

Hey Justicedone, your bike looks great! How much did you pay for your bars and handguards, and where did you get them? That's exactly the set up I'm looking for, but not sure how much I should spend!

where did you get your sanno lookin taillight from?

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