GB riders, who's doing the john banks?

anyone off to brandon this sunday. i'm there as No 106.

i'm really looking forward to it. the following week we'll go green laning in the dirtiest ****tiest conditions we can find.



Yes, I was at the John Banks on Sunday. It was definately the hardest event I've done this year -the last lap was just about survival, not speed.

Impressive to see the championship guys still riding at the pace they do right to the end!!


on the first lap i decided that i'd had enough of my bike. it's got to go. husaberg next.

they say that it handles superbly, is as fast as a KTM. i've always liked to be a little different so we'll see.

everything is for sale so if you or any of the GB boys want anything; gimme a call. 01353 723883

p/ex flywheel weight.

cams swapped (indexed cam wheels)

magura juice clutch

carmichael fat bars

pro tapers with top clamp

clarke tank

IMS seat

PB header

stroker tailpipe

forks are gold valved (.046's)

rear shock (5.5) both to suit 14 stone

scotts triple clamps

scotts damper


anything i can turn in to money i will.


:D:) why Taffy Why ????


So you think a Husaberg would have been better! A ktm200 matybe, but let's face it, pretty much anything was going to be hard work round there. So what do you know about the Husaberg that makes it sound a good proposition?


i raced my duke on the roads and i was often the only non jap bike at the whole meeting of 250+ bikes. this leaves a mark on you when you're riding a 1981 bike in a 1994 meeting. when everything was fours or jap singles this mellow bellow went around called the Pantah. anyone who's heard one will know just how beautiful that noise was.

the idea now would be silly with everyone on an Ape or Duke as well as a plethora of other euro models.

i've done as much as i can to make the bike handle and i appreciate that the Y2K+ have got 5mm out of the steering head but at the end of the day i don't lack for power or sussies that work.

the one thing i can't change is the chassis and the low end torque. i did an enduro 2 weeks ago and after 100 yards i could reel anything in. but we do whole laps without a straight over 50 yards!

it's not unusual to ride for 4 or 5 miles and not get out of second. i'm struggling to rail the bike, i'm losing the front end all the time.

ok, ok i could go to my old setting of forks dropped through 13mm, also YZ tank a new tyre every week on the front. i run mich S12's.

i've tried everything else and i noticed with lower gearing i was able to close the throttle and catch the bike from falling more easily.

i just feel i want to try a chassis that works, be different, boy with a toy. you all know the story.

if i was a west coast rider i wouldn't touch anything else. nobody IMHO has got one of these working from lower. the jetting is perfection, it really is, you cannot stall this bike. the juice cluch helps me feather the bike. the cams are perfect.

there are far better riders than me and at 40 i have failed to finish the last two big enduro's (the tunstall and the john banks). i fall off so often nobody can say i don't try. six times on sunday.

but you can't get your feet down and you have to attack the circuit all the time. no prisoners taken. no last minute change of line. i owe it to myself to sort out the next problem as it comes to me. on that first lap i came to the conclusion that i mention above.

in "exotics" i have some chat on the husey. this forum isn't the place as it is quite rightly dedicated to people who enjoy their WR's like i do and want to improve them.

deep down i'm frightened of ending up with a bike that's old, all my money goes on maintenance and i couldn't afford to bridge the gap to a new bike. to be honest i was so poor i was stuck with the duke and all my money was dead whole money. no good came of it. anyway, i've a MX day on 1/12 on which i'll again ride my mate's katoom 400sx and his mates WR250f which he has just got from france with the electric start. see how that one goes.

on the next day (2/12) 6 of us will green lane with four on WR400's. 3 x Y2K and my '99. i'm finally going to lend my bike to some lads to see what they think! two of them read everything on this site avidly but don't join in.

i wonder what i'll make of their bikes and they of mine. i haven't had a ride on another WR for over a year since before the 'E' needle the YZ timing and everything else.


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