2000 yz426f seat height

I know the the seat height is 39" but my question is, could a 5'11" rider touch the ground? thanks

A lot of riders don't touch the ground on flat feet. Don't worry to much about it. Im also 5'11" and I touch on tippy toes with my 06. Besides, if you're really worried about it you can always shave the seat down some. Your sag setting will also depend how much you can touch the ground.

Really it depends on the person. Some people are built differently than others. Each person carrys their weight and height differently. I am about 5' 10" to 5' 11" but I carry much of my height in my torso/upper body. Other people have longer legs. In short I would say yes depending on your weight. I touch with one foot flat on the ground but I weigh about 225 or so. Depends on you mostly. Hope this helps some. :ride:

I'm about 5' 11.5", and I can just about be flat-footed with MX boots on. My bike is a 2004 450f, which I think is just a wee bit higher than the 2006 models (maybe 39.2", if I remember correctly)

My son is about 5'8" and my bike sinks down enough when he gets on it that he tip toes when he gets on with both feet. It is a 2002 yz426f. I am only about 5'6 or 5'7 and still ride the bike, but it kind of strains me sometimes in certain situations.

I'm 6'5" and i can easily touch the ground flat footed in normal shoes on my 03'. Sometimes i almost wish the bike was bigger so it doesnt feel like a little 80 :ride: .

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