WR400 wont start....timing my be lost??

So I adjusted my valves today and after putting everything back together, my bike wouldn't start. I am sure that everything is percfect, except for the timing. My question is this... How do you know where TDC is for reinstalling your cams / timing chain? I know that you are supposed to allign the "I" on the flywheel, but how do you know if it is TCD for the exhaust stoke versus the compression stroke?

My guess is that I may have set the timing 180 degrees off by alligning the "I" mark as TDC of the exhaust stroke rather the compression stroke...

the info is in your manual how to do this, also on other threads here, try to do a search, there is pics to show the location the cams should be in by looking at them from the RH side so you know youre close, and you should have like 14 pins between the cams also i think, lots of info out there on this.

When I do my valves I take a yellow grease pencil and put marks where the cam chain lines up on booth cam gears. Makes it much easier to put back together.

At TDC on the compression stroke, all the valves will be closed.

The cams are what determine TDC comp or exh....get the timing marks on the flywheel correctly aligned then install the cams per manual. With the cams out TDC is TDC...

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