yamaha hour meter

i bought a yamaha hour meter for my 06 yz450f and installed it this morning and it doesn't seem to do anything. the package says it will show engine rpm right at start up. mine just shows 0. i even put the wire wrap under the covering that they have over the 2 small wires going to the spark plug. even tried holding the wires tighter and closer together with it running and still no reading. did i do something wrong or has anyone ever had a bad one of these. also the wire on the meter itself was pushed all the way to the back of the slot.. any info or ideas would be appreciated. i didn't run the bike for any period of time today to see if it will keep track of the hours :ride:(rained all day long here) :ride: i just assumed if it was working it would've registered the rpm for at start up.

I did the same thing with mine. It has to be wrapped around the top of the spark plug cap to work.

Yep, what yzernie said, wrap it around the rubber (coil/spark plug) cap just above the engine, not around the wires going into it. One wrap should be enough if the wire isn't long enough for more, mine works with only one wrap. It should give rpm reading as soon as the engine is running, or it won't track the hours either.

i wrapped it around the plug cap and it still won't read engine rpm but the hourglass flashes??? i've got some buddies that work in the service dept of a yamaha dealer. i'm sure they have put some of these on for customers, so i'll try them to see what i'm doing wrong. thanks for the info though guys...

i wrapped mine around the rubber part, on the bottom of the ignition coil cap, about three or four times, and then hooked it back into its self, with 16 gauge wire. I used a small screwdriver to seat the wire all the way into the hour meter. although its a small space, i mounted it in the air box. i like it. don't know if that helps or not, but it worked for me.

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