'03 YZ450 jetting questions.

I installed an exhaust insert in the Akropovich exhaust on my '03 450. The noise is down but it is still running rich even after I went right to the top clip on the needle.

The needle is a NVCQ what is the next leaner needle?

The main is a 165 S, is a 160 the next leaner main?

The pilot is a 42, is a 40 the next leaner?

Thanks guys.



I appreciate the quick response but the answer to "what is the next leaner needle to a NCVQ" can't be yes, can it? I searched a little more and I think there is a 162.5 main inbetween the 165 and 160 and the needle goes alphabetically. The first three letters refer to the taper and the "Q" in this case is the "leanness" ie: an "R" is richer and a a "P" is one step leaner. If I got this wrong pleas let me know, Thanks again.

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