WR450 vibration?

I was riding with some mates on the weekend and had a go of a few different bikes. I ride a WR250f and one guy had a 06 WR450 and the other a 06 DRZ400. Both stock, mine all YZ gear. Anyway I was riding the DRZ for a while and whilst it was fat, heavy, undersuspended, the motor was real smooth and had a nice punch (even with my 250 in drags). Got on the WR450 and whilst it flat hauled ass and handled great, the motor seems to vibtate alot more. I rode one a while back with a pipe and didn't notice it then. Or is it just my imagination? Just waiting for the 07 WR450's to arrive for my next bike....

The 450 does vibrate a bit. I seems more noticable with the standard muffler. They have announced changes to the crank for 2007 that should smoove them out a bit.

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