Need help with tire choice!!

I went out to the mx track yesterday with my '03 yz125 and the bike was really loose and pushing all over and these stock tires are not cutting it(they are not in new condition). So I am thinking about starcross ms3 front and rear. Will this be a good tire and do they hook up good. Give me some recomendations. Thnks.

I have the maxxis IT in the rear, good tire, lasts a while. I would also run the Dunlop 756 in the front.

i agree with the back, but get a Pirrelli Scorpion, its an awesome tire or other wise if you have money geta bridgestone M401

i say starcrosses, best tire i have worked with so far. and i have changed alot of tires. they have excellent knobbies and they last long too. get the MH3's. Not too exspensive either. or the MS3's depending on the condition.

Hey where you at in MD. which track did you hit up???

MICHELIN MS3 work awesome on my boys 05 125

we run Budds-Southfork-VMP

Damn, so many tire choices. I was going to leave the stock rear Dunlop 756 on my YZ250 and just replace the front with either a Michelin MH-3 or Bridgestone 401. Now I'm thinking to go with either the Michelins or Bridgestones for both front and rear. I think I'm leaning towards the Michelins.

michelin ms3 or mh3 on the back works great for everything. on the front run the ms3.

elcamino76 - I went out to Tomohawk Mx which is out past hagerstown into WV. All I can say is the place is sweet, nice people and very nice track. I am deff. going back soon. AS for my tires I think i am going with michelin starcross mh3, most of my riding is on hardpack anyway so yea. thanks for the help guys

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