Trouble finding 06 yellow 450

Most local dealers in so cal. are out of 50th anniversary YZ 450's. Is that true other places? I found one with 2 left and I'm being quoted 6299 OTD, which sounds pretty good. I'm picking it up tonight. Yamaha also has no finance charge for 12 months on it, pretty sweet. :ride:

Where did you find that deal at, 6699 in Lompoc. One left

Picked it up last night at Bert's megamall. They gave me a 200$ rebate meant for the YFZ not YZF, but they honored their mistake. They also said not to pass it on, because they wouldn't honor that price again. Quite happy with the experience. They now have 2 left. :ride:

Screamin Deal Enjoy :ride:

we have 2 in our shop

That's a good deal. I paid $6888 otd back in Feb for my 450 SE, also I was pleased to find out that you can't get an 07 in Yellow..makes our bikes a little more special in my opinion.

Thanks. Just got through breaking it down and lubing all the bearings and rejetting (170/48). Put some black Pastrana FMX bars on it (I'm 6'4) with a black PMB endcap, and that makes it look very sweet. I really appreciate this forum!

Bakersfield Yamaha has 1 or 2 661-834-1011.....

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