How do you change the oil ? xr600

I am about to do my first oil change. Service Manual on Order. I have my two litres of new oil, my new Honda oil filter. I don't have any idea where to start.

Some questions:

where are the drain holes for the oil ?

where is the oil filter located ?

what if any special tools are required ?

any tips or advice to keep the job clean and easy.

as i understand it, run the bike to operating temp, drain oil from mystery holes, remove oil filter from mystery spot, reverse procedure, fill with oil.


First drain the oil. Two drain plugs. First is on the left side of the engine. It has a 17mm head. It is not pointing down, it is on the side. The other drain plug is on the frame. It is on near the bottom of the center tube in front of the engine. It has a 14mm head.

After the oil is out, change the filter. It is on the right side of the case. It has three 5mm allen head bolts that hold it on. It will be full of oil, so be ready for it to spill out when you take the cover off.

While warm is better than cold, I don't usually do it at operating temperature. It's too hot for comfort then. Think fingers fried in hot oil. I just idle mine for a minute or so so it's not totally cold.

I try and change the oil every 5 or 6 rides. I change the oil filter at every other oil change.

You should also clean the screen in the frame. I only do it once a year or so. Under the drain on the frame, there is an oil hose that goes on the bottom of the frame tube. Take the hose off. The piece that the hose goes to is threaded into the bottom of the frame oil reservoir. I think it has a 17mm hex that you can get off with a wrench. If it hasn't been done on your bike, there will be a lot of crap there. It where all the large metal wear bits end up. It can be scary to see.

awesome , thanks for the help. :ride:


well i took the downtube drain plug off but it was a 10mm. the oil that came out was dark and ugly. i just bought this my first dirt bike so i wanted to freshen it up and i'm glad i am !

question -

i took this 12mm bolt off thinking it is the other oil drain plug. ( see finger below ) but NO oil came out. does this mean it is the wrong bolt, or the bike simply has almost no oil in it ?


thank you.

it's the wrong bolt. The correct bolt is next to the engine #.


Lower and to the left, behind your knuckle in the pic.

Do what I have taken 8 years to do, buy two magnetic drain plugs from XR's only. This will help you determine if all the insides are in good shape, as well as give you some confidence about your bike.

Congrats, you have bought the most bullet-proof dirtbike ever!

Got the right one now thanks all. :ride:

I take it the magnetic plugs grab any metal bits in the oil stream ? and then each time you change your oil you can determine if something ain't stirring the kool-aid by the amount of shavings found if any ?

now i am trying to get the down tube screen out to check it but i see the nuts edges are rounded from the previous owner :ride:

That requires a six point socket, don't try it with a 12 point.

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