So, how did the TT'ers fair at the Elsinore GP?

So does anyone have a ride report or the results?


I was really hoping I had my bike by now for this but it wasn't to be. I live about 15 minutes away!! Damn!!!

No go for me either. I went to Sunrise to start the track rehab on my knee. Things went well but I pooped myself when Justin Buckelew jumped over the top of me on a triple!!!!


I managed to make it out there on Saturday morning to watch a friend race in the 250 intermediate class, but was unable to go Sunday, when our guys were making a go at it. I hope they are safe and had a good time. It rained at my house on Sunday, and if the rain fell in Elsinore then I?m sure things were very interesting indeed.

Well, I did make it out there. I signed up for the 35 Nov class on Sunday. I only raced about one mile and my masterlink came off the bike and ruined my day. What a huge let down!!! So much time to prepair and big costs to end in such a stupid mistake on my part. I changed my gearing from a 15 to a 14 counter that I ran in the Vegas to Reno race and I guess I didnt lock the masterlink clip in place because it simply fell off of my bike. I've changed many chains in the past and never had problems before. But "thats racing" right? Stupid me!!!!!!!!

On the other hand I looked everywhere for Darin AKA "milkman" and couldnt find him anywhere.

I did however see Shane Watts dominate every pro in sight in the 100 mile finale. There was Albee,Steve hatch,Rodney Smith,Paul Krause,Dave Ondas,Shane Espisito,Mike Metzger,Mike Healey,Scott Sheak(2nd place) and others. I was in the KTM pits as Watts and Krause came in, infact Paul Krause blew out his shock on his 520 and ran across the track to his motorhome where he grabbed another shock and a Race Teck mechanic slapped it on in about 1 minute!! Very impressive!!! Shane Watts is truly a sick rider!!! I've never seen anyone in my life ride a motorcycle like that. He simply rides way faster than all the rest. I know he seems to be really cocky sometimes but this guy has everything to back it up. All in All I had a great time.......

SHANE WATTS WON THE 100 mile (did they really change it from Hamel???) GOING AWAY! 520 EXC I believe

Rich, For some reason they did change the main event from the "Hamel 100" to the "Harvey Mushman 100".

I rode the 40+ novice class on Sunday. I ended up something like 25th out of about 60. My arms got very tired (it was ruffer that $%!*) and I consider myself lucky to finish with out balling up.

I also rode the unclassified in the AM. It was wet and very slick. Mud packed knobs on wet, off camber asphalt is always fun. :)

Luckily it dried up for the race. At the start it was kaos. When we hit the first dirt section, there was a major dust cloud. Hard to tell which way to go. I looked down and there was a guy laying motionless with an XR on his back. Scary!

There were lots of flats and crashes. I remember going over the freeway bridge at close to 80 MPH and there was a guy about 50 yards in front of me with a flat rear. He wasn't going much slower than me, but the rear end was pitched out most of the way across. I was praying he wouldn't go down and take me out. He didn't fair too well when it came time to stop and do the U-turn...

The pro's were flat gettin it! That was really cool to watch too. If you get the chance to make it next year, do it! It is a blast.

P.S. Harvey Mushman was the name Steve McQueen entered under in On Any Sunday. The name was changed as a tribute to him.

I just arrived home last night around this same time and I have been busy putting things away so I havent had time to jump on here just yet and give you guys a report.

All I can say is I had one hell of a time. Quite a vacation to say the least.

Probably the reason you didnt see me Dan was because we left the MotoHome and the trailor at my buddys house in L. Elsinore and rode to the event on our bikes.

Did you happen to see 2 guys riding around on mopeds? One YamaHopper and one Honda Express. If so that was me and Karl. Neither one of them would hardly pull us up a hill.

The race was AWESOME! Watching those guys hit the loose dirt on the main street off camber and slide right into those barracades was kind of nerve rattleing considering we were gonna be doing it the next day. (little did I know we were going to have to do it on wet pavement)

I rode the unclassified 7:00am on Sunday and the +30 Beginner at 9:00am. I rode the beginner because I heard it was full of sandbaggers. I ended up 4th so apparently I was in the right class eh?

I have never hauled butt so fast as I did right after you got off the pavement and on to the long straight dirt section. (5th gear pinned all the way, awesome)

No crashes for me though thankfully. I had a couple swappers on the pavement but kept it upright.

The expert race was something else, Watts is unbeliveable. I didnt know Metzger was there. I wish I could have seen him.

Oh! Also I went to Glen Helen and raced practice last Thursday morning. That was cool too. Really neat seeing guys like Webb, Ron Lawson, Steve Hatch, and others just hanging around.

Cant wait untill next year. Sorry we missed each other Dan and Ron.

Catch you later, got more cleaning up to go do.

Yep, I was there Scott. I didnt know I was going to go untill we were getting ready to leave and someone suggested it and that was all I had to hear.

What time were you there? I was there from 9am-12pm. We had to get back and meet my buds that was picking up the rental car.

I got about 5 minutes of the time we were on the track on helmet cam. What does your gear look like? Anything stand out about you and i will watch the video and see if i see you.

I only got to record 5 minutes because the helmet cam battery went dead! :)

Dang Darin, I wish I knew you were at GH last Thursday, 11-8. I was there participating in the Cycle News Four Stroke Shootout.

How did you like the GH track condition?


Congrats on the 4th place finish. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed your trip and the GP. It really is fun race. I also was looking for your rig on Saturday. I'm really bummed that I could not make it out on Sunday. Also, while I was there on Saturday, I would bump into people I know and have to explain why I was not riding the GP. Kind of makes a guy feel like a wuss. This not riding stuff sucks.

I've got a great first turn action picture of the 250 pro race, the one where half the field pilled up after a KX rider used a little too much front brake. I will post it here this weekend. For all I know you were standing right next to me. Are you planning on doing it again next year?

Lets see some of that HC footage!


Here is the picture I mentioned. This is the start of the 250 expert class on Saturday. Se anything wrong? No, the flag man is not that fast. He was waving the flag to everyone at the first turn all day long. About eight riders got caught up in this incident.


Darin, weren't you asking about American flag graphics a while ago? Oh yeah, go HERE to find the picture(s) of you at the race.

I would really like to do it again next year but Im not sure, I mean, its still a year away yet so we'll see. Probably the most fun I have ever had at a race. It's just the mileage factor.

As far as the helmet cam footage Ron, I was referring to it running out of battery at Glen Helen. I tried to fire the dang thing up for Sunday at the GP and for some reason the video to the HC blanks out on me. I've been talking with some guys from and I'm going to send it in on Monday.

I like those graphics to Ron but I just want the ones to put on the sidepanels.

Also, I tried your link to the Elsinore Gp pictures, but no pictures of my class... bummer! :)

I'm going to start working on getting some of my pictures on the computer tonight so I will post some real soon.


FYI - The pictures of your class are up now. I think I picked you out but I'm not sure (how many yellow WR's were there in your class :) ). If I was right you have three decent pictures dude!

Ron, Youre too much dude! Thanks for finding that for me.

You're right thats me. #38

I ordered this one with the guy in the background with his hand on his head looking in amazement over how high I was jumping.

(actually between you and me, I think the wind was gonna blow it off, but no one has to know it was windy that day eh? :) )


[ November 21, 2001: Message edited by: MOmilkman ]

Hey Ron: Thanks for that link. I found a couple in there too.


Your very welcome. Looking good guys!

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