My frame looks Horrible:(

my alluminum frame looks horrible, i tried many things incuding steel wool and there are some spots that wont come out, or there in areas that you just cant get at. any suggestions on a chemical to use or a new method, sorry i diddent search, its been down every time i try. thanks

Use the maroon scotcbright pad with carb or contact cleaner.

WD-40 and lots of paper towels. Just sit there and whipe, whipe, whipe. It will be black, black, black, then finally it will start getting lighter.

Mothers is great to use and also you can use paint thinner it works really well on my bike.

Do not use the mothers unless you want a polished look.THe stock frame has a sandblasted look to it and that is why its so hard to clean.I would try the maroon scotchbrite pad first.Make sure to wet the aluminum before you start wiping.

Orange Go hand cleaner on a green Scotchbrite pad worked wonders on mine for the spots left by steel wool leftovers. I just stole one of my wife's dish scrubber/sponge deals, it works great :ride:

Get a Mr. Clean magic eraser.

It works wonders!

Get a Mr. Clean magic eraser.

It works wonders!

I'll have to steal that from my wife's cleaning supplies also :ride:

i put the carbon fiber works covers over my frame, they look and work well. not cheap though about a hundred bucks. but what the hell, ya can't take it with you.

Some people don't like the polished frames, but they are easier to clean boot marks off of because the surfice is smooth.

Start with 400 wet/dry sand paper

then 600 - 1000 - 1500 - 2000 - rubbing compound - mothers aluminum polish

then stand back and take a look.

WD40 & a scotchbrite pad works for me. Cleans it up like new!

It's a dirt bike not a Harley...

simple green to wash ... then scotch brite pad with soft scrub and it looks like new every time... then wd-40 for a show room look.

What boots do you ride with? The reason I'm asking is my experience with SIDI's and carbon frame guards is not good.I can shred a few hundred dollars in CF in one mud race with my SIDI's.

Greased Lightning

Use Simple Green when I wash it.Then use a green scotch-brite pad with WD-40 to get the black marks outa the frame.Honda-Brite works well also.

i ride w/ white Tech 8s

I also like to use W-D40 and scotchbrite pad

Get it cleaned up and then powder coat it. There was a fellow in the TT classifieds advertising Powder coating. :thumbsup:

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