Crossover Bearings to Standard Part numbers on XR650R

I am rebuilding my 2000 XRR and am looking for anybody who has crossed over the honda bearings to std industrial or automotive parts and can provide a parts list, I went to thr dealewr and man for no more bearings then there is 500.00 + is not going to happen. If nobody has such a list and I make it up myself would there be intrest for me to post it here.


Some of the online stores have parts diagrams online. One is The best prices are at Service Honda or the TT store. Service Honda might be half of what your dealer quoted. Service Honda has the Honda parts lookup app on line at

In the listings most of the bearings are defined. Either by bearing number, for example the 6904 camshaft bearing, or by dimensions, for example 16x44x13 (balancer bearing).

I really doubt that all the bearings need replacement. You can always take the engine apart and take the worn bearings that you wish to replace with you to the bearing store. I don't know about all of the bearings used in the XR650R, but it is possible that some of the bearings are somewhat nonstandard. It might be easier to get the Honda ones in those cases.

thanks I will check those sites, as for now the motor is solid so I am looking to work over the chassis, and your right not all the berrings are toast, I have not gotten into the link and swing arm yet but I have not found any yet that need to be replaced replace in the wheels and steering. So all in all this bike is in pretty good shape so far.

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