XR 600 - oil change interval and weight?

just curious, how often (in miles or hours) do you change your oil? also, what weight oil do you use? I have been using a 20-50 weight oil and it seems to work fine, but have not determined how often I need to change the oil.

I'm using Rotella 15W-40. I used to run 20W-50. I wouldn't go any thinner than the Rotella. Since this oil is only about $7 to $8 a gallon, I change it as soon as it starts changing color. I'm not writing it down, but I think it's every 6 to 8 or so rides. Maybe 350 to 400 miles. It depends on the kind or riding. If I do a clutch fest ride, like Snowy, or high engine loading, like sand dunes, I might change it after 1 ride. If I'm doing a lot of high speed desert cruising, I might go 1000 miles.

I change the filter every other time.

If you are draining the oil, and the viscosity is way down, you waited too long.

15w-40. Shell Advance Ultra 4 & filter @ every 3000 KLM

bikes done 300,000klm +

top end rebuilt every 30,000klm & top & bottom ends every 60,000klm intervals.

1995 XR650L Purchased new in May 1996 closing in on 60,000 hard miles, fast.

I use Honda brand paper oil filers, which I change once a year. Quaker State 10w-40 since about 1999 after replacing the original clutch.

I change the oil about once every 6 months. It turns black usually in the first week, or 180 miles. Oil loss is at about a quart every two weeks, I simply add more.

Stock gearing, stock jetting, stock exhaust, smog removed. Runs like a noisy watch, at 56mpg. The favorite of all my bikes.

When I had my XR400, it got an oil change the night before a desert race only. After that race add about a thousand miles of practice between races.

Don't baby it.

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