DS Kit for WR in Australia by Yamaha?

our wr's are adr approved.My 03 wr 450 came with high and low beam headlight,front and rear blinkers,tail stop light and number plate bracket also speedo.The first thing we usually do is take it all of except for the headlight.Once the bikes are registered we dont need yearly checks so we take it off if we ride in the bush as it soon gets busted.If will attempt to scan and post the wirring diagram but i,m pretty poor at using computers.If you wan't to email me your postal address i will take some photos and send them to you it might take a week or two.Your best chance might be the australian ebay web site as every one i know strip the a.d.r gear off them.

I do have a WR4002000 model happy to tell you it looks awful similar to the KTM rear mounted indicators and stop lights not much in it try ballards.com.au might help. If you still need picks send me a message and happy to actually acommodate

Well i know they don't 'come that way' in Australia, they are kits installed by the dealers before they sell them, if you check yamaha-motor.au i beleive it is the wr looks exactly the same as my Canadian model before it reaches the dealers........... So there must be a part number for the kit or multiple numbers from yamaha to use for this. could you ask youre dealer??

I contacted a dealer in Oz last year and got the price and part numbers (sorry, don't have them anymore) for the DS kit. He quoted me around $525US before shipping. I tried to run the part numbers in the US, and they either didn't exist in the US database or were listed as unavailable in the US. The wiring harness was the most expensive part, around $150, and the right and left hand switch assemblies were $135 together. I'd go with an aftermarket kit.


I did go with an aftermarket one and had nothing but trouble with it, i would rather yamaha OEM parts anyday.

In Italy the WRs are omologated for street use with lights, blinkers, mirrors.

Yamaha sells bikes with the complete kit.

yes tanks i got those pics before, however i have had problems so far with the BD turn flasher, signal light switch and the liscence plate bracket breaking, i'ts frustrating...... Wish i could get some yamaha parts.

Hi Mountain, If you're havin troubles with breaking of things maybe you would consider the type of setup I went with. Light & out of the way. The taillight is an Acerbis & the indicators I got from Ballards in Sydney NSW Australia. The indicators were AUS$25.00 per pair & the taillight was AUS$90.00





Their Website address is http://www.ballards.cc & they do ship overseas.


Thanks but i never broke anything myself, only had defective parts......

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