WR 426 Hot cam in YZ426

Has anyone ever put in a Hot Cam for the WR426 in their YZ426? I"m looking to make it a little mellower for trail riding. Also is there a shop near Tracy, CA that will do this?

I can't advise you on the cam application but I can recommend a good mechanic. Check out STKN-Moto in Stockton.

1812 East Harding Way

Stockton, CA 95205


Richard Cerney is a fine mechanic and tech. Give Greg (the owner) a call and check them out.

I have no business interest with this shop, just trying to help a brother out!


Hot Cams does not have WR cam and a YZ cam. They use the same grind, same profile, same timing for both. No, it's not any milder than a stock YZ cam

If you want mild, put a flywheel weight on. It really tames the motor and will not destoy anything if you screw up the install (can't really screw it up)

I had the hotcam done during my last valve adjustment by my trusty bike mechanic. It is absolutely the best thing since sliced bread.

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