49er Qualifier, Who Went?

Elkins Flats, Ca. Home of lots of pine trees, rocks, and perfect loam. The rain came down Saturday night making this years Qualifier Enduro one of EPIC proportions. I managed to get a front flat 6 miles into the 70 mile ride (just my luck). I am getting lots of practice running with flats so it didn't slow me down much, actually the conditions may have even prefered low or no tire pressure. The first two special test sections were awesome. People in enduro's actually move to one side of the single track and let you by especially when you show them a wheel. The rain never let up for more than ten minutes so goggles were out of the question. And it took everything I had to finish the last two special tests on the gas. Seeing the finish line and knowing that I didn't hour out at any of the checks was pretty cool. I was able to zero three out of the four checks and we won't talk about the fourth one :D This was my first enduro and I am stoked to say its just like riding with Monty :) I can't wait to do it again. Time to fire up the pressure washer. late,huge


Sounds like it was fun. I'm going to have to try one of those N. Cal enduros someday. Any recommendations on which one to make if you (or any of the D-36 regulars out there) could go to only one event each year? I’ve read good things about cowbell. Looking forward to hearing the replies.

The Mojave Desert finally got a respectable rain shower tonight… too bad I have to work tomorrow.


What a great course. I had no idea you had to think during an Enduro. I was on minute 46 and had a good start leading my group of three riders. I rode about 1/2 mile and my dike started loosing power :D I thought my jetting was off due to the high altitude. The two riders passed me and I was WOT :) I finily realized my throttle was sliping due to the rain. I had to really squeeze the grip to get a little power. I didn't have any zip ties (I will next time) so I cut the grip off at the first check point. 70 miles with a slick throttle, I now have a forearm of steel. Doug

I was at 49er and Cowbell. First competitive events in about 10 years. These were an awesome combo for getting back into competition. I can't wait for the next one. I think I still know how to go fast, but the body has definately gotten a little older and weeker. I am really bumbed that 3 events got cancelled ( 2 due to fire, 1 due to Bin Laden )

The 49er is usually dusty which causes major visibility problems. I am very glad they watered the track this year :D

Howard, if you decided to go to more enduros and would like to share a ride up, let me know.

Working on 10 year old knowledge, but for first time enduro, I would NOT recommend the Quicksilver, especially if it rains. Don't get me wrong, it is an awesome event, which will give you a full and complete days of riding, problem is you usually have 10-20 miles to go when that happens :) Quicksilver is also the furthest south. Any of the other events are good for all riders

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