YZ450F Ignition timing

Well, I posted a question awhile back but I guess nobody else knows either. How do you set the ignition timing on the YZ450F's? Also what is the range of adjustment or isn't there any? Anybody know or doesn't anybody check this! Please elaborate on this subject and never mind which oil is the cheapest oil to run in the 4-strokes! Any oil is cheaper than parts! The boat ride over across the pond in not cheap!

The timing on a YZF is not adjustable. The stator plate bolts in one place, and that's it. A few people have fiddled with slotting the stator bolt holes with varied results.

You can use a strobe light through the upper timing plug to check it. There is a single line (referred to most often as the "I" mark), and just to the left of that is a pair of marks called the "H". The standard timing should be between the two lines of the "H" at an idle, in neutral, with the neutral switch connected and functional. If you have disconnected the neutral switch, you will need to ground the blue wire to use the stock reference marks.

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