its not a thumper but....

uuuh....750cc....520 pounds....twin....not exactly what i would call beautiful....thats pretty much a street bike..

This is a gag right? if not the jokes on me. Just returned from Puerto Vallarta and was surprised to see all the second tier honda products all over the place, such as the super bueno honda "cargo" bike. Rock on cowboy

a second tier honda? Thats a joke...just because a few suits figured it wasn't profitable here in the usa means nothing to me. If it was sold here this bike would be in my garage next to my soon to be replaced L (next year sometime for an R). I don't know a whole lot about bikes but I know enough that honda puts out a fantastic product.

has anyone ever seen one of these here in the states? What a beautiful piece of machinery.

My appologies, I don't know how to make a link hot.

I saw one while I was travelling one time... In the parking lot on a military base. It was actually for sale... I drooled over it for a while and wished that it were closer to my house or that I had my pickup with me... Sweet bike. This guy had it set up for touring with cases, etc. I wish the guy was there to ask about it. Being on a military base, it's likely the guy bought it overseas and brought it back.

Nice find. Got to admire & appreciate a purpose-built machine like that, & it's a Honda. Could definitely give a beemer or a Katoom adventurer a run for the $$$.

There are plenty of japenese-made & built for Europe & Asia bikes that the US will never see, except for mag photos, the internet or if a transplant brings one in.

I remember back in the mid '80's when the XLV750R was first photographed, I was really hoping to sling a leg over one but no such luck. All we have are the Suzi V-stroms, BMW's & KTM's to look since there really is no Paris to Dakar market over here.

Now the Score Baja races are a different story. Can anybody say XR650R...

Your right, probably isn't any such thing as a bad honda. I love them and have 3. Two cars and a bike, oh, and a lawn mower. Would love one of the new 4-stroke outboards for my boat too but don't have 16k laying around. Great stuff, just never seen all those wierd ones in mexico and they looked really rickity compared to what we have here. The pizza places have fleets of them for delivery vehicles there. With all the crazy drivers there they probably lose many of them in crashes so they buy the cheaper bikes to replace them.All about marketing and price I guess. No offence intended flubber, just looked strange to me.

I've always liked that bike.

If you want something that big and unruly offroad buy the huge and butt-ugly

Euro-trash !!! (made in Japan ..with pride)

ahhhhh haa haa haa

The Africa Twin is an absolute rock of a bike. Surprised they are not marketed in the States. Reckon they would sell like hot cakes. They hold there value very well and exchange hands used in Europe and Japan at a premium. Exhaust system is prone to rust on the lower reaches, apart from that the bike is top notch all the way for what it is designed to do.

I'd be willing to bet they will show up here next year, or an itteration (sp) of them. The adventure market is raging here in the US and as you all know, AM Hondda is very smart about marketing. Now the downside, AM H may decide to not bring it here even if the market seems to want it because they are so smart their business decisions are based in millions of sales instead of thousnads. Id like to see it here and the resurection of the Yamaha vertical twin the TDM850 but lighter and faster which is easy now.

I've always liked that bike.

+1 on diggin that bike.

I would love to have one of those, and if they go on sale here, I will be in line. :ride:

[snip] "AM Hondda is very smart about marketing." [snip]

:ride: oh man, that there is just plain funny!

they are blind as hell to what the US consumer really wants, at least in the motorcycle department anyhow.

The US has been begging for a street legal R for years.

I would buy a Twin if it were available here.

I would buy a street legal R if they imported them.

So, that is at least 2 sales they have lost out on with just me. Most of the people i know that wanted this style of bike would have bought a Honda, and tried to, but cant get what they wanted either, so they went to a different manufacturer. In all honesty, that is probably in the neghborhood of 20-25 sales they lost just with people i know. How many more have they lost? How many people that i know, have friends i am unaware of that feel the same? The motorcycling community is alot bigger than people think, it is a shame that AM Honda cant see that and get the bikes in here that people are willing to shell out cash for.

They remain deaf. :ride:

they are blind as hell to what the US consumer really wants, at least in the motorcycle department anyhow.

I didn't say they knew what the US market wants, they do, we just don;t get it. I said they are smart about marketing. That means they know how to make big money, not they care at all about what we, the US market wants. What you think the US market wants and what they want as far as Honda is concerned are possibly two different things. What they do care about is money and selling the highest ammount of motorcycles they can everywhere they can. If you count everyone in the US who wants an Africa Twin, there is probably not near enough of a number for AM Honda to bring it here. Plus, what the "consumer" wants here in the US is usually what the European consumer wants, what we all want, and that is sometimes not possible here in the US weither it be because of the EPA or whoever.

True, i probably dont agree with Honda's marketing scheme. I am for giving the customer what they want, so they keep coming back, not chasing them away to a different supplier.

Sure, they know how to make big money, but i would venture to guess that the north american motorcycle market is roughly equal in size (if not possibly larger) to that of the european market as a whole. If that is indeed the case, why would you make a broad range of products only available to half of your market base? Economics 101 shows that as an idiotic move. I am fully aware of the hoops they have to jump through to get a model marketed in the US as I used to work for a manufacturer that did alot of import/export buisness and have seen the mounds of regulation paperwork that goes along with it. I however do not think it would be a money losing prospect to import a few of the more popular variants into this country.

I believe, based on the people i know and the conversations i have been in over the years at countless bike shows, races, rallies & dice runs that they really DONT know what the US population wants. Maybe they hired the wrong company to do the research, i dont know.

I think you are possibly right about the consumer surveys deal. But, I do feel they know what we want, they just arent willing for some entirely odd reason to me, willing to give it to us, or unable to give it to us. I would love to see bikes like street legal two strokes, both dualsports, and street bikes come back. But I'm old school! How bitchin would a street legal 2stroke GP machine be nowadays!? Also, street legal trials bikes ( I know, esoteric, but fun), street legal MX bikes, bikes like the Africa Twin, but lighter and faster, The super tenere', basically just look at the slaes floor in any European country and say to AM Honda, hey guys, thats what WE want! Oh, and thanks for stickin up for me on the thread from hacking hell! I appreciate it, just can;t figgure out why those guys are so friggin giddy about the hackfest!

I have a feeling that if American Honda brought that bike to market here, they could sell one to every single person that liked it in this thread....and no more.

That is a bike that does a lot, but nothing very well...

I think it is a Euro model only. I have seen older ones (my wife is English) in England before. Their on the same mentally as the GS Beemers. I really like the look of the newer ones on those pictures.



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