Well tomarrow i Pic up my new 06 Yz450f :ride: I am upgrading from my 05 yz250 there anything that i should do to the bike?? for mods wize? i have heard about doing something to the the chain slider??? :ride: anything else that i should know? This is my first thumper soo its a new thing for me but iam looking forward to the new big bike. Andy how is the stock pipe i ride a bit of everything but i am going to start Hare Scableing soon soo just a thought....thanks guys i am glad to be a apart of the Yamie Thumer club!!

The slider mod applies to all YZ's made since about 1997.


Get a new, high quality chain so the stock one won't ruin your sprockets or worse. (the Regina ORN6 is a great one, and reasonably priced)

Pull the forks up to the first scribed line and set the sag at around 95mm

Install a 45 pilot and a 165 mainjet unless you are at fairly high altitudes (5000+)

Get a higher set of bars unless you are very short

Change the front tire unless you ride on very hard surfaces most of the time

The stock pipe is actually pretty good. The Dr. D is noticeably better.

Can't forget an hours meter and a new rear tire in a couple of rides.

thanks for the info! Any of you have a pic of the hour meter what brand you use how much is is and hard is it to install? And how many of you have changed the top triple clamp i know they come over sized stock but are they a good triple clamp reason i am going to put a scotts steering stablizer on and i just want to make sure before i get the braket....and has anybody dont the sub mount with that or does everybody go with the standered to were you can put a bar pad on???

Yup..........have a new rear tire handy. The stocker only last for a few taniks of gas before the knobbies get ripped off! :ride:

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