edelbrock tuning???

so i have a quicksilver on my 02 650r totally dig it i just want to get it dialed in the right way and had a question. at highway speeds the bike always seems to get alot hotter then usual is this normal or could i be a little lean on top. which kinda goes into my second question. right now i am using the 19-e needle at 10 clicks. would i be better with a richer needle at 18 click or is it all the same. curious on how the taper of these needles will affect my performance or in which case i need to use a different one. the instructions wern't really helpfull

my mods are

uni airfilter

two things taken out of airbox

air box holes

hrc tip

manifold piece thing

Is the bike poppping a lot? Have you pulled the plug to check the color?

The needle is supposed to be used to dial in full throttle acceleration, much like a main jet. My bike preferred the #21 needle. If you think the bike is running lean richen the needle 1-2 clicks at a time and test the bike.

When I felt I had good mid-range to top end I felt the bottom was still lacking. What my bike ended up liking was the full accelerator pump. After that, the bike was dialed in. No bogging, no loading up, no popping.

what mods do you have and hwo many clicks are you at on the 21 needle. i think i may try that one.

what mods do you have and hwo many clicks are you at on the 21 needle. i think i may try that one.

UNI filter, White Bros Header, "E" Series pipe w/12 discs, XR'S Only CDI, open side panel, Hotcams stage 1 cam, Edelbrock carb, sea level-approximately 1500 feet elevation. Depending on conditions it would be around 12-16 clicks out on the needle.

My son's '02 XR650R, Honda power up kit with the Edelbrock requires a 20E needle, considering your mods, I think I would try the 21E.

alright so i got the 21e needle in there bike runs alot cooler on top when i am on the highway, which is awesome. definately pulls harder and everything is all good, of coarse except for one thing. when i am at a steady throttle that is under a 1/4 it runs pretty rough. but when acclerating it is fine. since i put in the new needle does this mean i need to retune the accelerator pump?

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