Are XR 98 XR600 F&R Sprockets the same as 98 XR400's ??

I am trying to order some sprockets from a internet site and they show know listings for the XR 600 just XR 250/400's. I know they have different part numbers since they have different gearing but as I remember XR 250/400 sprockets will bolt right on a XR 600 if there close to the same year? So I just have to order the correct tooth number I want XR 400 sprockets and they should bolt right on my XR 600? Thanks

The XR6 front sprockets look very similar and are similar but the spline is a little different, so they wont work. Rear sprockets are the same hub diameter but use different bolts. However most sprocket compnaies overcome this by having "both" types of bolt holes in the sprockets (countersunk & stepped). If the sprockets have both you can use them on both bikes.

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