Trail riding

My son and I are going to ride an enduro (Pine Cone kids ride) with his 125x2 pitster, but I'm not sure if the stock pipe will pass the 94db here in Michigan. I did make a screen for it that works pretty good for the spark arrester (hope that flies) I wondered if anyone has come up with anything or way to quiet down the stock pipe without buying a new pipe. Does getting extra baffle material and stuffing it in there help or cause more problems. I've been able to just stuff something in there and pass tech and then when DNR leaves I put it back to stock. I don't think it's that loud and I ride right behind him. Any help or ideas would be great...Thanks again I know I asked this when I got his bike but was hoping there was something new out there.

I wish theyre was something like that (enduro track) in the UK. Do you have to pay to go on?


Here in Michigan we have miles and miles of ORV trails to ride and it is only $16.25 for a permit the whole year. Most of our trails are in Northern Michigan and can get a little sandy and whooped out, but it beats not having a place to ride. This weekends race is going to be the 80th Jack Pine and 30th family ride.[/url]

*cries* *moves to Michigan* Problem solved :ride:


Stuff it full of steel wool and put in the screen spark arrestor, then hope and pray.

We just got back from the weekend of racing (Pine Cone Enduro). The pitster ran great and my son was kicking butt on it. He zeroed the first two checks and then we went to fast and came in hot by a minute on the third check. It was all going pretty good until we came in to gas, thats when he thought his bike's clutch was slipping and he looked down and found he had spun the tire and ripped the valve steam right off. There was no luck finding a 12" tube in time to finish the race so we packed up and went home. On the way home we stop at the local bike shop and picked up a new tube and a WHEEL LOCK and rode another 12 miles for fun.

Sounded like fun! Ive did that before. Pushed it for about 15mins onroad till i get to where i ride my pitbike. Get to the top to find that the valve ripped off as soon as I got up there..... another 25mins push back, through part of a wood and back onto the roads home


and no 5.0 pull you when your walkin your bike home?

i douht i could make it to my local mxshop without getting pulled up.

where in the uk are you from?

Well im lazy so I would be only walk very slowly :ride: its practically down the road from my house. I live on the very outskirts of Sheffield, in a town called Dinnington. And yea lol I got pulled over and given an offical warning but it didnt come through the post so im ok :thumbsup:


It's awesome that there are enduros that a youngster can ride without a license and plates. Glad to hear he's able to do it, especially on a pit bike!!! Now you need to buy him an enduro computer ($$$).

It's funny you say that. They tell the kids they can't use any enduro computers and then there parents ride with them and keep them on time. I'd rather let the kids learn now and let them use them. They are a little pricey, but they do help...

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