Can't find Screen for spark arrestor

I can't find any type of stainless steel screen to put in my Euro mod YZF

to act as spark arrester. Any sugestions? I don't really want to change out my end-cap, as the Can/Euro

mod is much diffrent than U.S


I don't mean to sound like a jerk but unless your exhaust system is stamped "USFS approved spark arrestor" you don't legally have a spark arrestor. Even if you put a screen in your YZF exhaust Ranger Rick will still give you a ticket because it doesn't have the stamp. Don't take the chance, buy one of the so called quiet exhausts with a legal spark arrestor. Goodluck, Eric

Hey Blue B,

Naw you don't sound like a jerk, just somebody giveing sound advice. (no pun intended) That is what I plan to do if Ricky gives me a spanking.. Rode my DR's & XR's for year's no problem. as long as he can't put a rod in the end of exhaust seem's to be the key.

For 30$ you can buy a sparky core.

I put one inside of my pipe.

The parts unlimited part# is


I have yet to have a ranger complain, like you said it is the wire test that they care about.

Thanks I'll look into that

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