Just put a GYTR header on my 06 LE

I rode in very wet sandy conditions so It was hard to tell if I gained any power. I definitely was not missing any power. My only concern is.. The header pipe is much shorter than stock . The bend is straight back and sits 1/4 inch from the bottom of my radiator and about a 1/2 inch from the radiator hose. ????? Has any one else switched and then had any over heating problems???

jgerdi, Have you got a GYTR part number for that header? Also any pics of it?

Thanks, Trevor.

jgerdi, Did you buy just the header and it fits to the stock muffler, or did you have to buy the complete system?

I have installed a power bomb (fmf) and it too was close to the rad hose, maybe an 1/8 inch. no overheating issues yet and I too cannot tell any power difference, I just liked the stainless steel idea!

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