03 YZ450, what are they worth, anyone just buy one????

I was wondering if anyone has recently purchased a 2003 yz450 and what they bought it for. i am selling mine and wondering what i can get for it. i am going back to college and not sure if i want it to sit around seeing as i will only get to ride it alittle bit. But yeah, did anyone just buy one??? Great bike anyone want it??? :ride:

I bought my 03 about 4 months ago in So. cal for $3,000 with about $1,000 in misc. upgrades (no motor or exhaust upgrades). That was a steal. When I was looking most bikes were around $3,500 to $4,200.

wow, that seems high. but mabey the bikes are cheaper over here on the east coast. I should go to california to sell it. damn. Thanks.

From what I've been able to gather from readings, california tends to be higher in the bike department due to all the emissions laws. It's harder to find the ones that meet them.

Have you checked kbb.com?

The 06 aluminum frame has killed resale value for all yz 4 strokes. I saw an 04 yz250f on craigs list in colorado with original tires and the warning stickers on the rear fender, thing looked brand new, all stock and they wanted $3000. Ouch!!!! That is gonna leave a mark on the wallet

yeah the 450 yz especially ot hit .. they are 2000-2500 all over the place here in NY.. plus that yr the crf 450 was much better and they arn't any more expensive.. matter of fact the 250 f's are going for more money

yeah it seems like there arnt too many for sale around me. but its all about being at the right place at the right time

anybody else???

I just was checking the KBB values and I noticed Yamaha's values are the highest out of Kawi, Suzuki, and Honda. KTM was higher though, but the Yellow Yami has the most value out of all the 2006 bikes.

All 2006 450f Models.

Sorry but KBB doesn't mean jack in today's market. It just makes potential sellers feel good......until they actually try to sell.

Well that's your opinion (and you're entitled to it). I was just trying to help, I never said you had to go by it.

Here in Minnesota, I picked up an '03 YZ450F last month for $2400. It had basic upgrades(Renthal Twinwalls, Tag risers, Gripper Ceet, couple other things I'm forgetting). I thought it was a decent deal. I see most local '03 & '04 bikes in the $2900 - 3500 range. So far it has been a solid bike.

up here in canada the newer bikes still hold great value....03 450's go for over 5 easy...mostly only f's for sale are 250 which most are about 4.5-6.. hard to get a over 02 for under 4

gotta remember KBB is based on financial institutions values. they make the value's higher to be able to finance people through banks, who are reluctant to lend money on used items that are too expensive. ie: kelly says 4000 for an 03, seller wants 34-3900 bank will loan the money. if it is reversed. value is 34-3900 and seller wants 4000 (or more) the lender usually either wont lend or will require the borrower to pay up front a down payment covering the gap. this protects the lenders interests.

generally the automotive (and motorcycle) industry use the nada guides for values, but agin they are slightly skewed and only a guideline. every region has different values. what is worth X amount in cali may not be true in the midwest, south or north. seller can ask whatever they want, but the market and condition of unit will be the determining factor for final sales pricing. ski

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