I was wondering if there is anyone out there who lives in or around Calgary and has a yzf426 and how you have it jetted? I bought the bike a couple of weeks ago off of the original owner and he says no jetting was done to it?. It seems a little sluggish from idle to about half throttle and pulls hard after that.

Have you adjusted the Fuel Screw to match you're Altittude/Temperature/Humidity?? Can make a big difference in Snappiness from idle to about 1/2 throttle.

if your 426 doesn't already have an aftermarket fuel screw, get one! the stock on requires sticking a tiny screw driver up a blind hole in the bottom of the carb. the aftermarket replaces the stock screw and extends out the bottom of the carb so that you can adjust it with your fingers. much better for adjustments!

I haven't adjusted anything yet but have been reading allot in the forums. This weekend I hope to play around a bit with it.

I actually ordered the JD jet kit and a zip-Ty extended fuel screw yesterday. Hoping to get it by Friday so I can play around with it this weekend. I have read horror stories about people trying to start their bikes but this one fires up after 1 or two kicks consistently. Just hope I don't affect the easy starting with the JD jet kit.

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