Replacing 01 426 fork seals

Any special tools? A friend's 01 is leaking fork oil all over, and it needs to be done. Having never done this before, but with some mechanical ability, and an above average set of tools, is it possible for the average Joe to do? :ride: Since I have the same bike, only a 2000, and another friend has an 01, we would like to figure this out for the future. Thanks, Craig

I second the fork seal question. My family is preparing to do all of our bikes

Response or no response, we are going to tear into it, probably Wed., unless there is overtime at work. I will let ya know how it goes, and try to post pics.

You need a fork seal driver. I made one from pvc pipe and can do the job with some special wooden blocks and technique. It ain't easy. I've never used the commercial fork seal drivers but at about $60 they're a special tool I think might be worth it if they will adapt to different bikes (fork diameters). Basically you need something with weight behind it to drive the seals, I assume the commercial drivers have that weight, but I'm not sure.

I ended up with two equal length (about 2 feet) 2x4's (with a helper holding them together) with some cutouts to capture the fork piston and pvc driver. With the fork upside down generating the force with a hammer (with wooden block) on the bottom of the fork... good luck.

Try running an old credit card around and under the dust seals. Sometimes there is just dirt behind them and this fixes the prob. It’s worth a try :ride:

Man, sounds like I will try the credit car first, or what the heck. Worst case is that I take it to the shop afterward, providing I dont trash anything.

The seal drivers don't fit more than one size fork, but they're still worth it. The job is a breeze with them, and a booger without.

The one thing to watch for is nicks, burrs, and vertical scratches in the fork inner tubes that are significant enough to be felt by dragging a fingernail over them. Sand these away, if you find them, with 240-320 grit to prevent a repeat failure.

I would go ahead and buy a set of seal savers

Man, sounds like I will try the credit car first, or what the heck. Worst case is that I take it to the shop afterward, providing I dont trash anything.

I haven't heard of using a credit card, I think it may be too thick and may cause some damage, dunno, haven't tried it. Most people use camera film.

I took my old seal and cut it and slipped it round the fork and used it for a seal driver with the lower part of the fork leg. Worked great.

i did my fork seals the first time on my own and htey only lasted 2 rides before htey started leaking again so i broke down and bought hte tool (and later found out my cousin had the identical tool....) its the only way to do it, i can do both fork seals in about 1 hour (thats dissasembly and reassembly) the credit card is just to clean them usually wont stop them from leaking beacuse a large amount of dirt has already gotten past the wipers and into the seals, and all u are gonna do is pusht hat crap into the fork oil. my sugestion is buy the tool, a quart of fork oil, and a new set of seals AND wipers.....its not worth replacing just one....even if u think they are fine beause to get to it, u have to take it all apart again....

get the service manual.its like a bible for your bike.i did my forks myself following the manual and it was alot easiey than i had predicted.lack of tools so i improvised using a piece of pvc and a slotted length of 1"pipe(about 30" to reach into the fork) VERY IMPORTANTkeep all the parts clean.

Got the service manual, but short on time as it turns out. Going to Devol (sp?) in Enumclaw WA, and after factoring parts that we would have bought anyway, he is only spending about 65-70 bucks. Next time with more time on our hands, we will give it a shot. There are still 2 more of us with the same bikes.

whatever you do, use The last year OEM Honda CR500 seals they last longer and are cheaper than Yamaha. Try Service Honda for a good deal. I do my own seals and they are ez to do, but I have the shop manual too. Just use a sandwich bag when you slide them on. I made PVC tool, but it took so long to get it right I'd rather buy a tool. You can always sell it later. PM if you need help.

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