Totally Confused – Clutch problem or ???

Now this problem with my 04 YZ450F is about to drive me crazier. :ride:

When I place it in first gear, hold in the clutch, rev it up for 5 to 10 seconds. No movement at all. Then it is like I let the clutch out and it pulls away, But I’m still holding it in. :ride: This is kind of a problem when trying to do a hole shot. I changed the oil (Amsoil Synthetic) and filter, check the clutch basket, clutches and plates and everything looks great. Has anyone hear of this happening ? could it be the oil ? It just started happening when I bent my clutch lever on a gate. I replaced the lever and cable first and that didn’t fix the problem. So I went on to the clutches and oil change. Nothing seems to correct the problem. What else can I try ? :ride:

Isn't the Amsoil a Full synthetic???

I'm not as familiar with their products, but make sure it doesn't have "Friction Modiifers" in it, or it will do funky stuff with the Clutch.

If it's Amsoil MCF of MCV Synthetic Motorcycle Oil, it isn't the problem. The clutch itself is the likely cause. You say the plates look good; they may not be as flat as they seem.

I've only used it since my last 2 oil changes. It was recommended by the local shop. He said he ran it in his bike and it was pretty good oil. As far as the plates, they seem flat, no wear on them at all. Almost looked new. I'll double check them. Could it be the springs ? Should I go with heavier ones ?

I guess I'll go ahead and install a new clutch kit. Any preferences ? EBC, etc

I would go with the Yamaha GYTR cluth kit... and I would get rid of the amsoil synthetic too.

What type of oil ?

I use Motul 3000 10W40 its good stuff and priced well enough that I can afford to change it every ride.

Yamalube...that way if anything goes wrong you can blame it on Yamaha...right? :ride::ride:

I would go with the Yamaha GYTR cluth kit... and I would get rid of the amsoil synthetic too.
I agree on the clutch kit, but you're off base on the Amsoil.

We need to be clear: there are a number of Amsoil products available, and many of them are blended for purposes other than motorcycles. I'm not talking about those.

Their Synthetic Motorcycle Oil in 10W-40 and 20W-50 (MCF and MCV) are the two that I recommend and use. They are JASO MA compliant, AND API GL-1, which makes them the only real engine oil I know of that carries a label making it a legitimate transmission oil. It works very well, costs only $6/qt, and will not cause any problems with any wet clutch.

hey grayracer when do you make the switch temp wise to the thicker oil?

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