Wr400f 00 Cam timing question

Hi all,

I just purchased a 00 wr400 after regretting selling my 01. the bike builds power too fast to maintain traction or even wheelie. There is little torque then wheelspin. the bike is fitted with vortex ignition. I am yet to check cam timing but presuming yz spec. The top end is good, and the only other drama is it is jetted too rich - no chocke to start and hot start out 10 kicks with decomp and then it will fire. some black smoke too (very little).

my 01 wr400 was yz cam timed and was great fun and real easy to pull loooooong wheelies etc. But I no longer ride on the beach (hard wet sand)

As i am doing loose rocky hills a lot etc I was wondering if it is possible to go one tooth past WR std timing to make it smoother still. eg rather than wr to yz, go from wr in the opposite direction one tooth.

cheers bru

Just put it back to WR timing. If you go to WR timing +1 (what you want to do with the cam timing) it's gonna run like crap, if at all. The low end torque will be much better than with YZ timing and the jetting may work itself out. WR timing requires, in my experience, richer jetting that YZ timing.

Thanks mate,

I looked at the timing last night and the inlet cam was out one tooth clockwise, that will be why its running so badly, wonder how long its been like that!

the jet was also a 48 should be a 42 (pilot), that will explain why its so rich down low and dieing when the fuel pump then way overfueled. the needle was in the 2nd position and was therefore more lean than the books 4 so i put it back. will get the 42 jet today. So I am aiming to go all back to std and make changes from there. I am about 20m above sea level

Can then ride it when i get my forks back from the tuners

cheers bru

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