PWR Low boy radiators on 2004 YZ450f??

Anybody tried replacing the stock radiators with the "Low-Boy" radiators from PWR on their 2004 or 2005 YZ450f??

If so, how much better handling does it feel??

oh i have that idea too...but iwas thinking of DR.D radiator lowering kit. cos i have an 06 leovince lowboy header on my 400-426 and there are more space (abt 2 inches away from the radiator.) so i guess it might work.

When I contacted Dr. D about using their lowering kit, they stated it was only for the 2006 model. Someone chimed in about the frame not allowing the 06' to be used on the 04'.

About your particular bike...I just don't know...I'd make sure you can get it to work before shelling out the money though, and find out it doesn't fit.

it is the upper cross radiator hose. in the steel frame, it is barely large enough to get the hose through it.

the 06 250f has just a huge triangle void there.

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